ImgBurn v2.4.2.0

O ImgBurn é um software gratuito para gravação de CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray/HD DVD que suporta a gravação de praticamente todos os tipos de imagens (ISO, MDF, IMG, NRG, BIN e etc.), o programa também suporta mídias dual layer e é compatível com o Windows Vista 32 e 64 bits.

Mudanças nesta versão:

  • Added: The program now identifies that you might be building an OS installation disc before scanning the directory structure in a similar way to that used for DVD Video etc. (i.e. if you add a single folder to the source box it will look for an I386 folde

  • Added: Code to try and detect HD DVD and BD Video files in the ‘Source’ box within Build mode in the same way the program currently detects DVD Video files

  • Added: If you hold down ‘CTRL’ when clicking the ‘Image Information’ button, the program will do a dummy decode pass on any audio files that make up that image to get an accurate duration rather than using DirectShow’s GetDuration() function

  • Added: Current LBA to the log entry when buffer recovery kicks in

  • Added: You can now double click the layer break list entries to preview them

  • Added: Support for ‘MPA’ as a known file extension for Audio files

  • Added: Code to detect and warn about audio files that decode to digital silence

  • Added: ‘Show Information’ option to make the ImgBurnPreview program show the information window automatically

  • Added: New ‘Drop Zone’ for Build and Write modes. You can drag and drop folder/files to the ‘stay on top’ window without having to bring ImgBurn to the foreground all the time

  • Added: Support for writing unicode names into MDS files and a new ‘Create MDS – Save As Ansi File’ option to go with it

  • Added: New ‘Don’t Prompt Delete Files’ option (with Yes/No answers) to the Write tab in the settings

  • Added: New ‘Show Real Size (1:1)’ option for the previewer

  • Added: New ‘Don’t Use Immediate I/O’ option to the I/O tab in the settings

  • Added: New ‘Prevent Entering StandBy’ option. When enabled, ImgBurn will attempt to stop the machine going into standby whilst it’s burning

  • Added: Workaround for Plextor PX-116A3 (FW 1.01) returning a single descriptor in the Formatted TOC

    Download: ImgBurn v2.4.2.0
    Download: Arquivo de tradução (português – Brasil)
    ImgBurn Home

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